Manfred Wagenaar († 2015) has dedicated a large part of his life to photographing trains. As early as the 1970s, he started photographing trains in the Netherlands, West Germany (FRG) and East Germany (GDR). Not only the way in which he photographed the rolling stock, but also the way in which he archived this visual material in albums is impressive. With an exact representation of place and date and additional information about the rolling stock, he has built up a complete and precious life's work, consisting of dozens of albums. After the death of Manfred Wagenaar, all albums came into the possession of Harlaar Modeltreinen. We want to make this masterful life's work available to all train enthusiasts and have therefore decided to digitize the entire work. We are proud to present you the first part of the Manfred Wagenaar album. We wish you a lot of viewing pleasure. 




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